New Beginnings

It’s January and I’m embarking on this new journey where I actually do the things, and put the “progress over perfection” mentality into practice.

It’s hard. My perfectionist brain wants to have it all figured out. I have to fight the impulse to procrastinate, to wait until I’m “ready”, and instead just go with it.

My intent for this space is to talk about nutrition, wellness and yoga, and the interplay between these, but also about data analytics. (Data analytics? Where does that fit in with a wellness website?) Well, everything I do is informed by data. Everything you have been doing has been informed by data as well, whether or not you have been aware of it, and this has been the truth, most of all, over the past few years.

There is nothing that irks me more than well meaning health and wellness advice that lacks the data to back it up. So, I want to change that, as much as I can – at least where my own space is concerned.

What you’ll find here:

  • articles about nutrition, herbalism, and Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • information about building a healthy immune system
  • information about healing the gut, and how to eat in order to sustain a healthy gut-brain relationship
  • articles about mental health as it relates to diet, lifestyle, and supplements
  • articles about yoga and its connection to health, healing, and general wellbeing
  • reflections on Kundalini Yoga, as I progress through KRI’s Level 1 teacher training program

My aim is for this to be more than just a blog. Where I make a claim, I want to provide references to relevant sources and supporting data. I hope to create a space where questions, and healthy debate are always welcomed. I want to learn, and I want us to learn together.

I want this to be a place you come to when you need information that you can rely on. More importantly, I want to present information that can be taken seriously, so you can then take it to your primary healthcare provider, and begin a new discussion about your health.

I hope to succeed, and where my shortcomings become apparent, I hope to learn, improve, and do better.

With that in mind, welcome! I am so happy you’re here. Let’s learn together.

(Photo by Francesco Gallarotti on Unsplash)